C&O Model Railroad

This page is to show any new construction, improvements or changes in my layout.This would include reworked or new scenery, track improvements and additions.

In a rebuild to further easy access I removed an area, re-designed the track to the hidden yards. I am not finished with this project but wish to share it anyway.

This is pretty much what it was.

This was not an easy decision but I felt it had to go.As you see reaching the double track main was very difficult. A locomotive stalled back there during an open house and I felt that put the icing on the cake. It had to change. the track going into the cutout in the facia was going to a hidden yard.

Just a few days later the rebuild started.

Now that is a mess. I think you will see the improvements in the next few photos. Ignore the red arrows and dots.

The track in the foreground is the main line and not part of the construction I am trying to show here