C&O Model Railroad

This is my effort at getting the overall flavor of the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad, not a recreation of actual places.

In this project I will use names of actual places. I have a yard that I call Clifton Forge, towns called Barboursville and Big Ugly. These are picked for various reasons. I originally tried to model from 1940 to the present but that proved to be unreasonable. I found that 1945 to 1955 was more reasonable. Also for no real reason I model summer. So pick a year and lets take a trip back in time riding the C&O.

A good place to start would be the beginning

1996 We had a block building behind our house that my wife used for storage. Lets be honest here it was a bunch of trash.I told her I was going to empty it and build a model railroad in it. She didn't believe me until one day she saw me back my truck up to it and start loading it with, I will say stuff. She asked what I was doing. I told her I was going to the dump. At that she panicked. Told me I can,t throw this stuff away. I said I would help her go through it to keep what is good. Now we live in farm country. Well it still is to some degree, anyway where there is farming there is mice. We all know mice need a place to live. So there was nothing to keep and I cleaned out this building. It was 13X17 inside with a dirt floor. After some building preparation my dream layout began. There was no electric in the building when I first started and it was about a year before I had electric. The building is 300 plus feet from my house and needed some heavy wire to make that distance. I used 3 100 foot extension cords when I first started. Even had open house on the extension cord.



 I descided I wanted a hidden yard under the layout. Now would be the time to add it.

 I added a 12 X14 foot area a short time later.


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